The Big Booty Blueprint: Your Guide To A Bigger Butt In Less Than 12 Weeks (English Edition)

Girls In Need Of A Bigger Booty... Listen Up!...Do you have a burning desire to plump up your curves (without any crazy diets or insane workout routines)?Do you crave a lean, toned, and athletic physique, that will elicit attention and admiration everywhere you go?Are you frustrated with your ineffective training regimen, and annoyed with the hopeless cycle of “spinning your wheels” in the gym, day in and day out?If you said “YES!” to any of the above, keep reading, because you’re about to be handed the keys to your booty building success.You see, if you’re like me, you desire a curvy body, a tight booty, and a lean midsection to complete the package - your perfect physique.I know the feeling of struggling for months and even years in the gym to no avail. No results. No booty. No satisfaction!What were we doing wrong? We followed the health magazines to a tee. We listened to what the fitness “gurus” had to say. But something was obviously missing… otherwise we would already have our dream body!It wasn’t until I was introduced to my mentor Brandon Carter, one of the most successful personal trainers in North America, that I saw my physique transform before my eyes…Everything shifted once I started to apply the proven principles Brandon taught me to build a bigger, better booty. And now I’m going to share these principles with you today!In this book, you will discover:My [xx] proven secrets to boosting the appearance of your booty without painful techniques or spending countless hours squatting (You’ll get amazing results even if you’re a total beginner or have no weight lifting experience)!Why your current diet is actually DESTROYING your booty gains, and the secret to why building a bigger booty depends not on WHAT you eat, but HOW you eat (you’ve probably been goofing this up for years, but it’s not your fault)!My exact training routine designed to pack on slabs of solid booty muscle in fewer than 4 weeks (that means you can say goodbye to guessing and worrying… you’ll have my proven routine, guaranteed to get you strong glutes fast)!The specific, and proven methods you need to harness (and keep) motivation, so you can finally sculpt the body of your dreams (My mentors, some of the best trainers in the world, taught these industry kept secrets with me… but now they’re revealed only with the lucky readers of this book).The exact exercises you need to AVOID (even I used to do these… I could have saved myself months [years?] of hard work).My proven 12 week program with exact descriptions and PHOTO sequence examples of each exercise you need to turn your flat butt into a sexy, jaw dropping and muscular booty!And much, much more!100% GuaranteedIf the Big Booty Blueprint: Your Guide to a Bigger Butt in Less Than 12 weeks doesn’t show you exactly how to build rock solid booty muscle, if it doesn’t take by the hand show you step by step the keys to getting toned, sexy, and beautiful while remaining lean, you will receive a full refund. No questions asked!You have nothing to

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Book Title: The Big Booty Blueprint: Your Guide To A Bigger Butt In Less Than 12 Weeks (English Edition)

Book Author: Brandon Carter

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