Your Love Is King: Book Two - Royal Pains Series (English Edition)

Order…Now that Prince Robert’s oldest brother Lucian has made two major announcements – he’s getting married and he’s relinquishing his rights to be king – Robert feels compelled to keep the order. He has a local person to help plan his brother’s wedding. He even has his eye on an appropriate partner for himself, a princess from another country. As a BDSM dominant, he can use his ability to control others to his advantage…until Philippa Powell comes to town.Security…Philippa “Philly” Powell leaves behind her life in Virginia Beach, Virginia for the opportunity of a lifetime. Her childhood friend requests that Philly plans her wedding to a royal prince in a European country. Since her business is new, taking on this job would propel her name. Who needs love life when she could have a successful business? Too bad Prince Lucian’s stick-in-the-mud brother has made it his mission to prevent her from doing her job, which is a shame. Philly now sees Robert in a new way than that nerdy younger brother she knew from years ago. Although she hates his need for control when it comes to her business, she finds that trait sexy, particularly since he has grown into a fine-looking man. If only she could get him to listen to her, she could see his full potential.Desire…Robert can’t deny his growing attraction to Philly. When she reveals her desires, Robert is more than happy to oblige her and satisfy his own BDSM needs. Can Robert get beyond his controlling nature to allow someone unexpected in his life? Can Philly fully give herself to a man while building her business and see that his love is king?

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Book Title: Your Love Is King: Book Two - Royal Pains Series (English Edition)

Book Author: Bridget Midway

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ISBN: B08268G96J