Golf: Learn from the Legends (English Edition)

In 1975 Sam Snead wrote the words, “Something’s wrong somewhere,” because he recognized that even with improved courses, instruction, and equipment the average golfer shot 100. His answer was to write the definitive golf book. Since that time millions and millions of words of instruction have been written, but if Snead were alive today, he would write those same words. The dilemma of 1975 still exists; in 2018, the National Golf Foundation reported that the average golfer shot 100. Every golfer is in search of a consistent swing with a predictable result. Bob Mullen has spent years looking for answers to the questions, “How do we learn motor skills? And how can that knowledge be applied to learning golf?” This new book combines tried-and-true golf teaching with Bob’s knowledge in applying brain science to our learning process.The fundamentals have not basically changed in the last fifty years, so the problem is not what is being taught, but the fact that students and instructors don’t understand how learning occurs. We must walk away from the lure of quick fixes, miracle clubs, and lessons that promise immediate results. Instead, we must learn to enlist the autonomous capability of the brain to perform for us in golf just as it guides our daily lives. If we educate the motor cortex and keep our conscious thoughts from interrupting its flow, the golf swing will repeat itself over and over.Along with brain education the book presents fundamentals through trusted, time-tested teachings of seven icons of golf: Jones, Hogan, Snead, Penick, Palmer, Nicklaus, and Watson. They are quoted extensively in teaching the fundamentals. Combining their wisdom with knowledge of how the brain learns and structured practice provides us with the key to a solid game.

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Book Title: Golf: Learn from the Legends (English Edition)

Book Author: Bob Mullen

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